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Qubu News

Qubu News & Updates

This page will be used to announce Qubu's updates, non-dramatic news, features and cool stuff. Click here to go back.

by - 01/01/1970 @ 00:00:00 UTC

by - 01/01/1970 @ 00:00:00 UTC

[UPDATE] small changes by Anonymous - 02/23/2018 @ 05:49:00 UTC
well, I'm sorry for the inactivity time. I have new ideas for Qubu; I'll be implementing those ideas very soon...

I made a few changes today:
And that's all for now. Thanks for using Qubu anyway. Ciao~

I'm alive! by Anonymous - 01/29/2018 @ 22:48:02 UTC
i will back soon with more updates...

[UPDATE] Another big one (and favicons) by Anonymous - 01/21/2018 @ 22:56:06 UTC
Hi everyone. Here's the admin with another "small" Qubu update. This time I've added more customization functions and more markup tags for your pages!

Here's the full changelog: These last days were update days, so probably there are (many) bugs due the new features that I've added. Please contact me if you have any suggestion or issue with Qubu 1.0 non-beta. My email is lunaproject@airmail.cc.

[UPDATE] Gradient backgrounds, new fonts & more! by Anonymous - 01/19/2018 @ 22:09:34 UTC
I added many new nice things to Qubu and I fixed minor bugs too. One of the most remarkable features I added it's the gradient background option! Here's the full changelog: Wait for more updates! thanks.

Hi! by Anonymous - 01/12/2018 @ 06:43:38 UTC
Well, I fixed minor bugs today. For any suggestions or questions, contact me at lunaproject@airmail.cc More updates soon...

[UPDATE] YouTube videos! by Anonymous - 01/02/2018 @ 23:41:14 UTC
Hello. I did a little update to the website. Now you can embed YouTube videos on your webpages by using the new BBCode: "[youtube]Video_ID[/youtube]". The video ID, is the text with random characters after the "youtube.com/watch?v=" URL:


So you need to type the video ID between the two tags.

Full update changelist:

Qubu is online! by Anonymous - 12/30/2017 @ 21:15:47 UTC
Hello everyone! Welcome to my new project: Qubu.
Qubu is a software that allows to you create your own fast and simple webpages for anything you want! The service is totally anonymous. If you have any questions, you can read the help pages (links on home page).

I really hope you find this project useful. Thanks & wait for new updates!