Qubu's user help page

To create your webpage, just type your page body in the "Content" field. Qubu will take care of the rest, but you can customize your page a little more if you want.
Custom URL
This is the text that goes after "qubu.tk/". The server only accepts alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and hyphens (-). This is an optional field, if you don't fill it, Qubu will generate a short random URL.
Title is the text that will appear in the browser window. Optional, but recommended.
By default set as "World", you can adapt it to the topic of your webpage if you want. Remember set the category as "NSFW/Adult" if your page contains adult material or has links to adult sites or explicit media.
Custom Password
Custom password for page editing purposes. Note that custom passwords could be weaker than server-generated passwords. This field is just an alternative and is NOT required, so leave it blank if you want.
Enabling extra options
The extra options (or customization options) are disabled by default, you must mark the "Enable extra options" checkbox if you want to use them.
Custom background
You can change your webpage's background with this option, mark "Color" if you want to use a solid color as background, mark "Gradient" if you want to use a gradient background or mark "Image" if you want to use an external image as background. Images must be uploaded somewhere else (I recommend imgur.com). If your image is too small, or you want to make a mosaic as background, mark the "Loop" checkbox.
Page fonts can be changed with this option. Select the font you want to use on your webpage and the default color of it. There are also, three more fields, the "links" field, the "hover links" field and the "active links" field; where the "links" are the references to other websites (URL's), the "hover links" are the URL's with the cursor over them and the "active links" are the URL's that are being clicked by the visitors.
Your name, alias, contact or social network account. Optional. This will NOT be displayed on your page body.
A short description of your webpage. Optional. This will NOT be displayed on your page body.
A small icon that will appear in the browser window, alongside the page title. Icons must be .ico and be uploaded to an external server, like imgur.com.

BBCodes & text formatting

BBCodes is a markdown system used in many bulletin boards, but in Qubu, can be used in your page content, and may be useful to highlight words or simply customize your webpage. The available BBCodes are the following:

[b]insert your text here[/b] = Bold

[i]text[/i] = Italics

[u]text[/u] = Underline

[s]another text[/s] = Strike

[spoiler]do not read this[/spoiler] = Spoiler

[small]text[/small] = smaller text

[r]text[/r] = flashing text (this one could potentially slow down your page, use it in moderation)

[color=color]text[/color] = Different color text. Useful to highlight words [See list of available colors]

[size=14px]14px text[/size] = Font size change. The size format must be Xpx, where "X" is the amount of pixels that the font will have, and "px" is literal, so just copy it as is. Example: [size=22px]my text[/size]

[mark]text[/mark] = Highlighted text

[hr] = Horizontal div line.

[top] = "Go to page top" button. Useful for bigger webpages.

[bgcol=color]text[/bgcol] = Highlighted text with custom background like this [See list of available colors]

[h1]header[/h1] = Header 1 (Biggest header)

[h2]header[/h2] = Header 2 (Medium header)

[h3]another header[/h3] = Header 3 (Small header)

[center]text[/center] = Centered text. This will change the horizontal alignment of the content.

[img]http://example.com/image.png[/img] = Embed image. Images must be uploaded to an external hosting (I recommend imgur.com)

[url=http://example.com/]your text here[/url] = Link to external pages. So [url=http://wikipedia.org/]Go to Wikipedia[/url] will generate: Go to Wikipedia.

[email=someone@host.lol]contact example[/email] = Email link. This example would generate something like this: contact example.

[youtube]video_id[/youtube] = Embed a YouTube video. The "video_id" is the text after the "youtube.com/watch?v=" URL. Example:


IMPORTANT: Embeding could potentially slow down your page. Use it at your own risk!

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